Photo of colorful artwork

The Jacksonville Arts Council was established in 1975 by a group of residents who wanted to help promote the arts in Jacksonville. Formal bylaws were submitted and approved by the city council in 1985. The purpose for the council has stayed the same since inception – To promote arts in Jacksonville. This is currently done through community events, children’s programs, scholarships, donations, and through partnering with JSU’s arts programs as well as with the city’s various boards to stay involved in promoting and inspiring a love of the arts. 

The Art’s Council meets in an open meeting format every third Tuesday of the month to discuss upcoming events as well as to collaborate on potential future events. The Art’s Council is dedicated to providing residents and surrounding community with events that enable sharing of individual Arts projects and displays. 

Many of the events that the Arts Council provides also allows us to increase our available money through vendor signup, and donations. The City of Jacksonville also provides us with a small starting budget at the beginning of each year to help the council initiate more future events. 

The current officers and positions are listed below:

  • Chairperson – Nancy Gillespie
  • Vice-Chair – Mary Springer
  • Treasurer – Inez Ragland
  • Secretary –  Lee Fuller