Oil paint with paint brush

The Jacksonville Arts Council was created to share the arts and arts culture with the residents of Jacksonville and surrounding area’s. We are also very fortunate to host a state university that has strong arts programs that can also be enjoyed by the residents. 

The Arts Council consists of four board siting officers and five has five board members as well as auxiliary members. It is our goal to create exciting and fun events that are always open to the public. The process can take time so the council meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at the Jacksonville Community Center.  These meetings are open to the public.   Each meeting use used to discuss upcoming events,  possible future events, and all actions taken by the Arts Council. 

The Jacksonville Arts Council also runs a children’s art program through the Jacksonville Community Center and The Boys and Girls Club in Jacksonville. Students meet once per month and are taught by arts members and JSU staff/students how to formally understand and appreciate the arts. 

Children’s Art

The Jacksonville Arts Council will be displaying children’s artwork that has been submitted to us. We want to keep the holiday season fun and keep the kids involved. We will have a link soon for everyone to see their work. 

Fair at the Square

Fair at the Square is a fun filled family event. This event hosts multiple vendors selling food, art, crafts, and many other items.    This event is open to the public and free to attend.  It is held at the Jacksonville Square.  

*Registration is currently open!


JAC News

We will work to make sure any new events or news are release quickly for the community to see. There is always something happening in our area so be sure to check back often. We will have a link here for you to use.